A downloadable game for Windows

Explore the vast complex of a mysterious labyrinth floating in the unknowable reaches of space. Battle celestial adversaries and acquire their cosmic knowledge. Discover the secrets that lie within the labyrinth's deepest chambers...

This is a Demo / Proof of Concept. The final games length is currently undecided. I will take feedback and statistics from this demo and apply them to finalize the games scale.

The game currently has no audio.

F2 and F3 resize the screen exactly to prevent distortion.

Enjoy !

Consider checking out my Patreon for updates on development.

Install instructions

Extract the zipped folder to your preferred directory and run GAM II.exe.


GAM II.zip 3 MB


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when does the next update come out

I’m working on it as we speak, the second demo is approaching gameplay content completion at which point I’ll be finalizing audio plans. It’s difficult to pin down an exact date, but you can see active progress at my Patreon and all pages will be updated to reflect the final version the moment it’s finished.

i will look forward to that then:)

yo I know this is an unprofessional way of doing this but i'd be willing to make a score for this game free of charge, I can send you some chiptunes tracks I've done since that's prolly what i'd do for soundtrack. you can contact me at herebelocust@gmail.com or just reply to this

Are you still developing? or is this over?

It is still very much in progress! Even if you don't pay you can see new posts being made regularly-ish on my Patreon.

It was very fun. And I look forward to the next story!!

Thanks so much! :)

So.. I played it, but reached a boss that I couldn't defeat. Did I do something wrong?

You missed an upgrade friend! No worries. The next demo is coming along and things are much more clear. When it's finished you should check it out! ^^

But, there was no option to get that upgrade once the battle started... Which blocked me from proceeding

The game is non-linear, you could've gone back to find it at anytime. You were not blocked from proceeding. I watched your video and can assure you this is the case.

i made a video about your game <3

Thanks! Always love seeing stuff like this.